Your Favorite Tool for flashing your RX Series cards for mining Ethereum

Degflasher could improve the performance of your rig in one card! So if a rig with 6 RX 470 4GB is giving you about 135 MH/s after using Degflasher your rig must be at more than 163 MH/s, sometimes at 172 Mh/s depending on your card and memory

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We know that it is risky to flash your expensive card and you may be nervous about it! We developed Degflasher with two main goals in mine! Easy to flash for novice miners and Easy to flash hundreds of video cards for miners with farms

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Easy to installation

Degflasher only needs Ethos and pip

Easy to Use

Just need to type degflasher in you console!


In order to flash one card you need to buy 1 Credit from us.($20 USD)

In order to flash one rig of 6 cards we need to buy 6 Credit from us.($120 USD)

If you need to flash more than 3 rigs, contact us for a discounted price


To install Degflasher you only needs to type:

pip install

inside ethos console.

If you are not using Ethos to mine, you could not use our Degflasher to flash all your cards but you could download a modded ROM from us and flash it using atiflash

Free Download at Github!

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